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Hi, I’m Amy Mezni!

Over twenty plus years, my educational career has spanned four continents and two states, as well as eight grade levels! I started my career dreaming of primary grades, interning in international schools while studying abroad. However, it was during my student teaching in Fairfax County, Virginia that I fell in love with upper elementary and middle school. I taught everything from second grade through high school, but I always worked my way back to those crazy middle school years.

After teaching intermediate grades for more than 20 years, I now homeschool my own middle schooler.

Educational History and Qualifications

I am certified in elementary education, 1-12 social studies, middle school math, and a gifted endorsement. I have an undergraduate degree in Sociology with minors in German and Spanish, as well as an MEd in Education.

What I love creating most is integrated units and hands on learning experiences. When I create units, I make the assignments flexible so that students at any ability level can be successful!

Honors, Awards, and Shining Teacher Moment

I earned my National Board Certificate. Also, I have won numerous awards for integrating economics into the curriculum, as well as being named Florida Economic Teacher of the year. I was also selected to participate in a Fulbright group studies project to Bolivia and a NCEE study tour to Eastern Europe as well as Fulbright Memorial Scholar to Japan.

Additional Biographical Information

My fondest childhood memories involve one of two things: the town library where my mom worked and my grandma’s elementary music classroom. Spending my childhood in a library and a music room greatly impacted my life. Not only did I become a voracious reader, but school always felt comfortable – like home.

As an elementary student, many mornings I ran down to the music room to see Gram. Sometimes I even took a friend, and Gram would play games with us. Of course, having your relative as a teacher can be tricky, but since I enjoyed music class I never had problems. When Gram announced her retirement at the end of third grade, I decided I would retire, too. Although that didn’t happen, I still remember how sad I was to not see Gram every day at school.

It turns out I wasn’t the only one influenced by my grandma. My siblings also became teachers, with my sister following Gram into elementary music and my brother joining me in elementary grades. (Another sister decidedly didn’t become a teacher, but that’s a story for another day…)

I have many fond memories of school; as I really grew up in a school.

I have a huge curiosity about the world, and it is my passion to teach my students more about other cultures. Although my family lived in the same area for generations, my dad would often pack us up and take us on the road – even if we had to sleep in the car. As a high school student, I went abroad as an international exchange student and the rest is history. I have lived in South America, Europe, and the Middle East, where I met my Tunisian husband.

A few years ago, life threw me a curve ball, and I decided to begin homeschooling my son. He had been diagnosed with a learning processing issue, and after two years of vision therapy he really needed more focused attention than he could get in school. We have been happily homeschooling ever since, although we have not closed the door on returning to public school one day.

I am just waiting to see where life leads me next!

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