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Using Novels In The Classroom – A Summary

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If you haven’t seen, I created a video series on using novels in the classroom. 

Here you can watch all the videos in one place! 

This video is the introduction to the series. In this video, I discuss why you should use novels in the classroom. 

In this video, I talk about how to select novels for your classroom. It can be tricky to find a novel that all of your class would enjoy. Watch this video for tips and tricks! 

So you’ve finally decided on a novel to read to your class. How do you find time to read it? Watch this video for ideas!

In this video, I discuss how to find funding for the novels you choose. Finding enough books for your students can be difficult and expensive. Let me help you!

Have you ever read a book in your class that you didn’t enjoy? Watch this video for tips on how to enjoy the novel you read in your class. 

In this video we discuss how you can integrate the use of novels in your classroom, no matter what subject you teach. There are amazing novels you can read in your class, you just have to know where to look! 

Video 7 is all about organizing your novel studies! 

In this final video of my series, I discuss how to assess the comprehension of your students. 

If you have a friend who you think would benefit from this series, feel free to share it with them! 

Thanks for watching! 

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Using Novels In The Classroom – A Summary