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10 Nonfiction Books For Your Classroom

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Reading, Teaching Strategies | 0 comments

Part of our job as teachers is to instill a love of reading in our students. Some students already love to read – and it is easy for us to feed their interest. Other students simply need a grand story to lose themselves in. To those students, we suggest great novels like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Magic Tree House, and more fiction.

But some of our students have less of a desire to read fiction. For these students, we need to have nonfiction stories readily available to them.

Some people consider nonfiction books to be boring books, full of names and dates. But, if chosen correctly, nonfiction books can be just as gripping as fictional stories.

I have ten favorite nonfiction books I believe belong in every classroom.

To learn more about my favorite nonfiction books, click on the photo here ➡️.

Both fiction and nonfiction books belong in your classroom. Bringing variety into the classroom could encourage your less inclined readers to pick up a book and give it a try.

What are your favorite nonfiction books? Comment below and tell me!


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10 Nonfiction Books For Your Classroom