Complete Grammar Units for Elementary Grades

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Grammar instruction is an integral part of Common Core and most state standards. Under the language standards, elementary students slowly build their understanding of grammar and mechanics in each grade level.

The focus of grammar instruction has moved away from memorizing all of the parts of speech. Instead, the learning goal is to understand how words and punctuation shape and affect meaning.

At the same time, primary students begin with identifying and understanding parts of speech. The goal of the standards in those grades is to help students build a solid foundation of grammar knowledge. Just like in math, students need to have a working understanding of vocabulary and base concepts to build on in later grades.

Grammar Research and Classroom Realities

As I discussed in previous posts, research on grammar instruction has concluded that teaching grammar in isolation does not improve students’ writing ability. Other studies have connected reading and writing abilities, so schools began focusing more on improving reading skills and connecting grammar lessons to reading instruction.

However, classroom realities often don’t match the research conclusions. In anecdotal studies, many teachers noted that students needed targeted grammar instruction – just linking grammar concepts to reading was not enough to help students develop a deep understanding of grammar and its nuances.

In my 20 years of teaching, I came to similar conclusions. Students did not necessarily need day after day of “skill and drill.” Reading rich examples of books using the focus concepts helped students, but many students still need a targeted lesson on the specific grammar rules.

Grammar instruction could easily be improved by looking at best practices for teaching foreign languages. Teachers have a targeted lesson on a particular concept, then students practice that concept using a variety of activities.

Complete Grammar Units for Elementary Grades

A problem for many teachers is that schools no longer have a grammar program. Many schools got rid of their grammar materials when Whole Language became popular. Now that teachers are once again expected to teach grammar, they don’t have access to materials for instruction – or the materials they have are not enough to spiral concepts throughout the year.

Premade grammar units can help teachers solve this problem. Developing an entire unit can be time-consuming – especially when grammar is just one piece of the language arts program. For each standard, teachers need to develop a lesson and create multiple activities for practice, as well as write assessment activities.

My complete grammar units include everything needed to both teach and reteach a concept. Each unit focuses on a specific language standard, so teachers can select the units for their grade or the concepts that they need to reteach.

Each unit includes:

  • A Suggested Unit Plan
  • Introductory Activity
  • Lesson Video for Instruction
  • Student Note Sheet/Anchor Chart
  • Pieces for a Printable Classroom Anchor Chart
  • Targeted Practice Activities in a variety of formats
  • Center Activity
  • Formative Assessments
  • Summative Assessments

These units include enough practice materials so that teachers can spiral the concepts throughout the year.

These units can be found in my store. Eventually, there will be units for every part of speech and mechanics standard in grades 2 – 5.

Looking for Teaching Resources?

For examples of the grammar units, check out the units for Collective Nouns and Abstract Nouns. You can also watch a preview for the Collective Noun video here



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Complete Grammar Units for Elementary Grades